Monday, February 7, 2011

Congratulations! It's a bouncing baby puppy!

This is kind of old, but there were some good memories while animating this short. It was done for 115's animation "sketchbook" animation. We were given free rein to animate anything we wanted in what I think was a week or two (I think it was a week...forgot). Within that week,all of us busted our butts and some produced really cool animated scenes.

I think the idea of this one started with the idea of a character interacting with its creator. At least that's what I remembered...everything else was a blur of paper and pencil shavings...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Empress and Uncle Sam

So today a group of us had our annual gift exchange where we illustrate something for each other. This years theme was to do each of our illustrations based the the tarot cards. I had the task of illustrating The Empress for my roommate. It was hard trying to figure out a time when he was out of the room so I could paint this. I was really inspire by the paintings by Rene Gruau and by some of the art deco posters and wanted to do something using Gruau's beautiful linework and the shape design from the posters. I don't think I was able to pull either off as any of the masters, but I had a great time doing it anyways.

Here is a work-in-progress image of The Empress card I illustrated for my roommate.

On Thursday, Crowe came to model and during one of the poses, dressed up as Uncle Sam with what looked like bell bottoms. Here is a cute caricature of him.