Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cult 28 Christmas Exchange

It was that time of the year again, and it called for the second annual Cult 28 Secret Santa. The theme was "Dinosaur Raven Liar" this time and all participants were told to create something that relates in some way to the theme. This year, I got Michelle Ikemoto, as my person to create something for. I took it and thought of bringing it to almost of a Nutcracker inspiration since it was winter time. It was done in watercolor with some small part which was done in color pencil.   :)

This was the other design I was thinking of doing which was kind of Godzilla inspired mixed with some art deco influences. I even had colors picked out already for this design until I got the inspiration at the last minute to change the whole thing...I might revisit this design one day...

Poster concept. I changed the angle of the raven's head so it was more playful and less full-on evil.

The Hero and a googly eyed bird which was inspired from Phil Wanardi's bird. I wanted a hero that was a simple toy with a wooden head and feet, with a beanbag filled body and leather straps for arms.

The finished piece!

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